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  • Avocado Hoodie sew along by Seamster Patterns

    Sewing the Body of the Avocado Hoodie

    Next up in the Avocado Hoodie Sewalong is sewing the body of your hoodie. Here is the video showing you how with the video transcript and stills below that. Let me know if you’ve got any questions! Welcome back to the Avocado Hoodie Sewalong by Seamster Sewing Patterns! Today we’re assembling the body of our […]

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  • Sewing the Pockets on the Avocado Hoodie

    Ready to begin sewing your Avocado Hoodie? Today we’ll be assembling the pockets. You can see the first video of the sewalong below. There’s a transcript of the video with a few still shots at the bottom of this post in case you are somewhere (cough**work**cough) where you can’t watch a video. If you have […]

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  • Tips for getting Sweatshirt Fleece on Grain

    When cutting out your Avocado Hoodie from sweatshirt fleece you might start swearing, particularly if your fleece is sticky. And by sticky I don’t mean like honey. The fleecy side of sweatshirt fleece tends to stick to itself, which makes getting the fabric on grain a chore; especially if like me, you like cutting out […]

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  • Seamster Sewing Patterns sewalong

    Making a Full Bust Adjustment on the Avocado Hoodie

    When doing a full bust adjustment you’re trying to add fabric lengthwise and widthwise across the bust. Princess seams make it an easy task. In this tutorial we’ll essentially be doing two things, grading out to larger size at the bust and adding extra fabric to the bust lengthwise. On the cutting mat is a […]

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  • Badger Inspiration: the Avocado Hoodie

    I have the power! Of the internet! Yes!!! It’s good to be back guys. Especially with this post since it was all ready to go except for pictures before my internet died. But you don’t want a long soliloquy about how glad I am the cables guys finally fixed my internet connection by drilling holes […]

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  • disparate discipline sewing patterns

    Choosing your Size and Grading the Avocado Hoodie Sewing Pattern

    Alright! You’ve got fabric for your Avocado Hoodie. You’re almost ready to go! Got to pick a size first. There are two important measurements for your hoodie, the bust and hips. Notice in the measurement chart that there’s not much ease at the bust. That’s because you want some figure definition. But, there’s plenty of ease […]

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  • Avocado Hoodie Sewalong: Inspiration

    Fabric makes all the difference. It can take your hoodie from casual to sporty or even a little fancy. Take  Aleksandra, Debbie’s, Brooke’s, or Cathy’s Avocado Hoodies. Good, basic, black hoodies for comfy and warm everyday wear. You’ll also want to check out Cathy’s hoodie blog post for a review of Mill Yardage power stretch fleece. […]

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  • Online Sources for Stretchy Hoodie Fabric

    I’m late! Late on Avocado Hoodie Sewalong posts. This week is my birthday AND Chinese New Year. Every time I sat down to write a blog post I got distracted by the allure of allergen-friendly New Years recipes. Can you blame me? It’s my favorite holiday and I really miss being able to eat Chinese […]

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  • Honeycrisp Mitten Sewalong- Time to get Sewing!

    Alrighty everybody! It’s finally time to sew your mittens! Just like in the previous sewalong posts we’ll start out with a video. Notes will be below the video. To begin with, you’re going to need to cut out your pattern pieces. If you need help finding the grainline on your conductive fabric, see yesterday’s video […]

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